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Sustainable Bancroft • Cultural


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  



Cultural Sustainability


Go to the Hospice movies at the Playhouse.

Use the library, read a story about other cultures to a child or an adult

Support theArtGallery, be a member, donate, buy some art.

Learn about our local aboriginal community and history.

Join the Algonquin Arts Council and participate with one of their member groups.

Support local musicians.

Help the Theatre, go to a play.

Teach a child to enjoy music and art.

Buy local food.

Learn about the culture of an acquaintance, enjoy a meal originating from another part of the world.

Encourage school boards to retain and strengthen arts and language programs.


For cultural event planning(or personal gatherings)  ask yourself these questions:

-Are the "greenest" materials being used when large gatherings take place? (plates, cups. etc.)

-Is there an incentive to stop the use of bottled water at events?

-Is there a way to reward patrons of cultural activities for car pooling or walking to events?


Another aspect important to cultural sustainability is coordination. Tips for this might include:

* When planning an activity or event to reduce competition, check the web sites of organizations in the community who commonly provide or advertise these elements (Chamber web site, Algonquin Arts Council contributing member groups, Village Playhouse web site)

    * Engage in partnerships with similar organizations for fund raising initiatives and in procuring common services ( one event to benefit multiple groups, bulk purchase of paid advertising, more partnerships for grant procurement)

    * Inform the North Hastings Economic Development Committee of initiatives for grants to seek support and partnerships.

    * Inform municipal recreation officials of initiatives

     * Make use of community information sources to publicize your event.


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  

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