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ROMA/OGRA Combined Conference 2014

Mayor Bernice Jenkins, Deputy Mayor Wayne Wiggins, CAO Hazel Lambe & Acting Deputy Clerk & Economic Development Coordinator are all in attendance at this years ROMA/OGRA Combined Conference. 


Town of Bancroft meets on Monday Feb 24 with Minister Jeff Leal, Minister of Rural Affairs and Rick Phillips, Hastings County Warden.

Wonderful meeting held with Minister Leal and his team.  Minister Leal had invited representative from the Ministry of Energy to join in the Biomass County Power Corporation project discussions.  



Town of Bancroft delegation meets with Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. The Honourable Madeline
Meilleur.  A Minister with incredible devotion and integrity!  Every visit with Minister Meilleur is a distinct pleasure.  



Town of Bancroft delegation meets with Minister of Northern Development and Mines, the Honourable Michael Gravelle.

Lots of interest in the "Earth Centre" and technical assistance offered to the town.  



ROMA/OGRA Combined Conference 2014 continued...

Town of Bancroft meets with Steven Del Duca Parliamentary Assistant for the Minister of Finance, Honourable Charles Sousa.  The Town delegation brought forward many topics for discussion and delivered suggestions for the Ministers consideration. Mr. Del Duca encouraged discussions and it was a pleasure to meet with him.  



Delegation meets with the Minister of tourism, recreation and sport.  Honourable Mr Chan thanked the town for their delegation and looks forward to hearing more about the Earth Centre.  James Lynn Senior Investment Consultant MOT congratulated the town on the work they have done.




Joined by Hastings County Warden Rick Phillips, the town delegation met with Minister Eric Hoskins, Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation.  Minister Hoskins appreciated the material submitted by the Bancroft and District Chamber of Commerce.  He was keenly interested in the County Power project and Earth Centre.  His staff will
be finding sources to help move these projects to the next stages.



Last delegation for the ROMA/OGRA Conference concluded at 7:00 pm on Tuesday February 25th.  Town of Bancroft met with Minister of Natural Resources Parliamentary Assistant John Fraser to discuss NHSS Outdoor Educational Programs, Earth Centre and Biomass project.  



The Town of Bancroft thanks all of the Ministers for taking the time in their busy schedules to meet with us and hear our concerns and promising ideas. 


Thank you!



Achieving Safety and Wellbeing 


Mayor Bernice Jenkins, Deputy Mayor Wayne Wiggins, Hazel Lambe - CAO/Clerk & Daniel McCoy - Acting Deputy Clerk/Economic Development Coordinator are in attendance at the Championing Change Symposium for public safety.  


 Excellent session. Being part of the solution!




September Mayor's Comments

Mid August Councillor Mullett, CAO Lambe and myself attended AMO Conference in Ottawa. The theme of the conference was Aspire and Inspire.

Our opening speaker was Colonel (Retd) Chris Hadfield, Astronaut, Former Commander of the International Space Station speak about his accomplishments. He is Canadian and he dreamed of visiting a space station. He never lost hope and worked towards his goal. We all know his success and how proud we are as Canadians to have watched his time on the space station. What an inspiration to us all.

We had delegations with both, Madame Melliuer, Ministry of Corrections and Community Safety and Ms Jeffery, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Both meetings were very positive. We had an opportunity to thank both Ministers for their interest and concern over the Declaration of Emergency and our approval for ODRAP Funding, both Private and Municipal. Our Warden, Rick Philips, took time from his busy schedule to attend our delegation. We joined the folks representing Hastings County had a social evening with the Warden and our M.P. Daryl Kramp.

We had a meeting with Rick Johnson, Senior Advisor, Stakeholder Relations, Ministry of Rural Affairs. We had an opportunity to speak to him about County Power, the impact of the Cost of Policing and the Cost of Connecting Link on small urban municipalities. We also spoke about the upcoming Infrastructure Funding.

I attended a meeting with the Mayor’s Coalition on the Rising Cost of Policing.

I had the pleasure of hearing Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Marnie McBean speak at the banquet. Marnie is a recent Order of Canada recipient. She is an expert at turning potential into performance.

We all took in different sessions and brought back ideas and information, Councillor Mullett and CAO Lambe found time to take in the Trade Show. I am afraid I passed through rather quickly. I believe this conference to be one of the most useful and worthwhile that I have attended, not to mention the busiest.

The last speaker of the conference was Terry O’Rielly, Host of Under the Influence. His message was simply this ….If you want to connect with the public – they must feel your message, not just understand it. He claims …. Most marketing is just information – aimed solely at the head. Yet we make 80% of our decisions with our heart. Wow! Think of that!

Since AMO I have participated in the Fish & Game’s 50th Anniversary and the Grand Opening of the Train Station. What a great day for us all. Well done volunteers. I must mention that two of our councilors, Koppin and Whitehead have been involved in this project from the start and have stuck with it. I know you are part of a group with hard working volunteers but I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your labour.

We also took part in the dedication of our first Habit for Humanity Home. Congratulations to all.

On Labour Day Weekend I participated in the Maynooth Madness Parade and laid a wreath at the cenotaph on Warriors Day in Coe Hill. It was my privilege and honour to represent you by supporting the events in both Hastings Highlands and Wollaston.

September 11th to 13th is Ontario East in Kingston. This Conference centers around Economic Development. We will be represented by Councillors Jenkins, Koppin and Whitehead, Interim CAO Silver and CAO Lambe along with myself. I expect it will be a busy time. Thank you, Deputy Mayor Wiggins for holding the fort, one more time.

Near the end of September Councillor Mullett, our BACPAC representative will attend a two day meeting of the Police Services Board in Toronto.

I appreciate the fact that you all take time from your busy schedules and your families to represent us at out of town meetings. Please travel safely.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the controversy that is taking place in our town at this time. I have been asked to comment by some press.

My comments are as follows:

Let me remind you of the importance of the diversity which makes up our social fabric.

We value the contribution of all citizens, both volunteer and to our local economy. Each and everyone needs to feel a “sense of place” in our chosen community.

I am confident that rather than see this controversy as a negative we can turn the discussion around to a positive and proactive reinforcement of the welcoming nature of the people of Bancroft to all who may wish to reside or visit here.

We need to understand that the health of a community is determined by the people. Fostering kindness and respect towards all and not allowing our differences to set us apart is the backbone of a healthy community. I am proud to say that our community has shown compassion time and time again for people they did not know. That is the nature of the people of Bancroft and I am grateful for the opportunity to express my pride in our healthy community that welcomes all people with respect and dignity.

 Bernice Jenkins - Mayor

Important Notice

Please be advised that the following important “Note to Property Owners” regarding a person or persons placing phone calls to property owners claiming to represent MPAC, has been posted onMPAC’s web site at for you and your property taxpayer’s information.




MPAC has become aware that a person or persons is placing phone calls to property owners claiming to represent MPAC and asking for personal information. MPAC has reported these incidents to the Ontario Provincial Police.

MPAC does not make calls to collect personal information. If you receive a phone call from anyone claiming to represent MPAC and requesting personal information, please do not provide it. If you have any questions or receive such calls, please call MPAC’s Customer Contact Centre at 1 877 635 6722.

Scheduled Power Outage

There will be a scheduled power outage on:

September 12, 2013 from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  The affected areas will be Dudley, Harcourt, Herschel, Faraday, Monmouth, Cardiff and Bancroft area. Town of Bancroft (downtown) will not be affected. 

September 24, 2013 from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  The affected areas will be Faraday, Limerick and Dungannon.

The reason for the interruptions is to perform maintenance and upgrade equipment.

For more information please contact Hydro One at 1-888-664-9376

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